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Definition of "Va Fongool":

Va [ ʋa ]: Go

Fongool [ fɔŋ gooɭ ]: Fuck Yourself

Misspronounciation of the italian phrase "Va'a fare in culo" ("go do it in the ass")

e.g.: "This is not music, it's just noise" "Well, Va Fongool"


Va Fongool is an Oslo-based record label dedicated to improvised music.

We represent new genrebreaking music within free improvisation, noise and contemporary fields of music.  We strongly focus on young musicians in the start of their career, and look for long-term collaborations with interesting people. Va Fongool aims towards innovation in music, and to help the next generation musicians who dears to give the new music a try.

Expect the unexpected.

The company was established by Eirik Tofte and Anders Holm Ingelsrud january 1st, 2012. After the tragic death of Eirik in 2013 the company has been lead by Anders. Va Fongool will continue to release amazing album by great artists, in the memory of Eirik and his love for improvised music. In 2016 the torch was passed on to Jørn Erik Ahlsen and Stian Larsen to continue the legacy of Va Fongool into the future.


Digital Distribution:

Musikkoperatørene/Phonofile (basicly available everywhere possible for digital sales and streaming)

Physical Distribution:
Norway/World Wide:

UK: Discovery Records

North America: Forced Exposure

Japan: Disk Union

We are looking for long-term collaborations when it comes to distribution, especially for European and Asian mainland-territories, and are interested in meeting distributors who are as passionate for new challenging music as we are. Please don´t hesitate to contact us, or Musikkoperatorene directly if you want to, they are generally fine people and will help you with all details!

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