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A year has passed since ICH BIN N!NTENDO’s debut release with Mats Gustafsson in october 2012, and the worries of being sued by the Nintendo Corporation has settled. LOOK is about dirty old computers, screens flashing, music so compact it becomes visual. It is about context and the connection between random elements. It is also a mockery of conceptual art and banal music. Ironically, it might end up becoming just that.


ICH BIN N!NTENDO is a purely improvised trio with drums, bass and guitar. Founded in 2010 the three members continue to push their own and the listenersboundaries with their music. Since the start the aim has been to investigate differentlayers of musical expressions such as noise, punk and grindcore, and apply them informless structures and improvised compositions.

“Fukushima power blasts of extremely noisy terror are served with queasy guitarlines played in half and quarter time (which share more kinship with Cpt. Beefheart or Pussy Galore than Napalm Death) and the Godless noise of Skullflower andWhitehouse. It ends, as all good things do, with polite applause and a fat man screaming in ecstasy."

­‐ John Doran, by:Larm News, Febuary 15th, 2013


Reviews of "LOOK":


"The five pieces feature a nuclear sonic stew of noise, grindcore and punk random elements layered and dressed in urgent and reckless, improvised structures. All sounds are taken to the most extreme edges, distorted, trashed. Then the nervous trio begins to grind more new sounds, pushing the sonic envelope hard until it collapses magnificently (as on the noisy 13-minutes mayhem of "Endless Bovis"), mocking any attempt to conceptualize its art other than experiencing it—best in high, even higher, volume."

- Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz


"There’s something so profound and liberating in the barbaric shrieks and moaning, merged with the piercing guitars and pounding drums and bass, which brings to a certain, even if demented, form of serenity, as if through shock treatment."

-Culture is Not Your Friend!










Reviews of debut album «ICH BIN N!NTENDO & Mats Gustafsson»:

«There is not a second of rest, no attempt to form a linear structure or to show off with virtuosic or technical playing; just a complete release of raw energy, with no inhibitions.»
-All About Jazz, Eyal Hareuveni

«It ain’t soundtrack music to your first kiss, or music you jog to, or music for sweet dreams. It’s a tad bit headache music, and bit o’ revolutionary music»
-6.9/10 Bad Sounds Magazine, Essi Tam

«Med gitar, bass og trommer vrenger de ut lydmasse uten nåde»
-4/6 Aftenposten, Arild R. Andersen

«Jeg ser for meg halve publikum hoppende opp og ned. Jeg ser for meg den andre halvdelen med fingrene i ørene. Jeg ser for meg bakteppet i storsalen på Chateu Neuf dekket med Marshalkabinett.», Arthur Kay Piene









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Christian Skår Winther: Electric Guitar

Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard: Electric Bass

Joakim Heibø Johansen: Drums

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