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Va Fongool is proud to present the duo PGA, consisting of Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson on the double bass (Wolfram Trio, Moskus, Skadedyr) and Jan Martin Gismervik on drums (Sagstuen, Karokh, Wolfram Trio). After many years of cooperation and sharing the joy of playing in each others company, they´re now ready with their debut album "Corrections".


PGA works with a clear framework and specific ideas, and delves deeply into the basic elements, which form the basis for their improvisation. This adds an originality and uniqueness to the music that also have been further fulfilled by the guest musicians Torstein Lavik Larsen on trumpet and Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø on trombone.

Corrections is both extremely silent and minimalistic, and really intense at the same time, and provides a unique listening experience where you get sucked into the sounds of the PGA world. To complete the overall thoughts the German artist Danny Gretsch made the cover design. Recording and mixing are done by Greener Productions, while the Italian Guiseppe Ielasi did the mastering.

Reviews of «Corrections»:

«A highly unique and original sonic journey.»
-All About Jazz, Eyal Hareuveni

«...made with a great ear for detail and an excellent control over the material they play»

""Corrections" will tune your ears to a world of possibilities never expected from ordinary jazz quartet instrumentation. Recommended for adventurous listeners of free jazz, avant garde and deep listening, and fans of experimental players like Mats Gustafsson.", Josh Landry


«Une plongée sonore accessible et singulière, riche et sincère, quelque peu virtuose et poétique - du bon boulot.»
-Improv Sphere, Julien Héraud

«Liebhabern der komplexen bzw. hintergründigen Jazz Strukturen stellt diese Darbietung einen Ohrschmaus dar, der alleine wegen seiner Unmengen an Details etliche Hördurchläufe benötigt, bis die Konsumenten komplett im Bilde sind»
-Kulturterrorismus, Raf

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PGA is:


Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson: Bass

Jan Martin Gismervik: Trommer

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