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After two weeks in Japan, Lana trio arrived back in Norway with new impressions of the country far away from the comfortable north. During their time there they used this input in their concerts, contributing to the already scorching energetic Lana Trio sound. Several of the concerts were recorded, but the gig at Jazzspot Candy was the ultimate “Live in Japan” album.


Stylistically the music of Lana Trio is closest related to the so-called free

Improvisation and free jazz. However, labeling the music as one style is not enough as it also contains traces of what they hear and have heard; both popular and unpopular music.


Their eponymous debut album was recorded in December 2012 in a studio as a "first meeting" after several years with little to none activity. It contained short concrete pieces either purely improvised or based on simple instructions. Since the restarting of the band that year they only played together as a trio when touring. The tour supporting the debut album took them through Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Portugal and was followed by a six-date tour of Japan in February this year.


"Live in Japan" was recorded at Jazzspot Candy in Chiba outside of Tokyo, a small venue brimming with jazz history, and contains both the sets from that night in the order they were played.


Cover by Lasse Marhaug!

Lana Trio is:

Kjetil Jerve: Piano

Andreas Wildhagen: Drums

Henrik Nørstebø Munkeby: Trombone



"Lana Trio succeeds to harness its challenging, experimental flights, and the determined exploration of inventive new sounds and fresh forms of interplay into a cohesive, tough, loose, structure that surprisingly sounds engaging and accessible."

-Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

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