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Natalie Sandtorv is releasing her debut solo album "Pieces of Solitude" on the 20th of November. Using a voice with an organic interaction with electronics she expresses distinctive poetic sound art characterized by droning tension and intense abrupt parts.

"Pieces of Solitude" is about the many forms of loneliness in both a positive and negative sense, and is therefore particularly suitable as a solo album. The album is imbued by a dark and melancholy mood with occasional massive and intense segments. The voice, and everything that comes with it, is the focus in an organic interaction with electronics.


The album was recorded in Bergen in 2014 with noise artist John Hegre at the controls and the artwork titled "Sad Bunny" by Marnie Weber fills the cover.


“Pieces of Solitude” is limited to 300 180g black vinyl!

Photo: Laszlo Juhasz

Photo: Rachel Olivas

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