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Wolfram Trio is a group that seeks inspiration in acoustic free jazz, with heroes such as Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler, Peter Brotzman and Even Parker. Wolfram plays a mixture of improvised music and their own compositions. The three members in Wolfram is also very good friends and therefor it is very fun for them to play together, as if the musical amusement should not be enough.

On April the 20th, 2012, they gave out their debut album «Wolfram», labeled as acoustic speed-improv. Full of fierce energy, this is a great listen for all fans of improvised music.

The album was recorded in Stavanger, Norway, 8th -9th of september 2011, and is produced, mixed and mastered by Frode Gjerstad.

Reviews of «Wolfram»:

«The trio plays as one tight unit from the first seconds of each track, pushing ahead in uncompromising and intense manner, letting the chaotic volume and volition take form and reach its climax...»
-All About Jazz, Eyal Hareuveni

«Much like Brötzmann in his younger years, the group seems to function at the very threshold of chaos, tersely handling each idea before restlessly pushing forward.»

-freejazz-stef, Daniel Sorrelis

«Unsaid phrases and dense, not dragging on compositions show a comprehensive kind of thinking and excellent ballance in the band.»
-Soundsgreen, Monika Okrój

«Du free jazz à l'état pur, avec une traditionnelle formation entièrement acoustique sax/basse/batterie»

-Improv Sphere, Julien Héraud

«Pa-dam dam dam- pa-pa-dam-dam-pa-pa-dam-dam-da. Kallalla-bam! Titidiidiili(!), ti-tu-tididili-di, titididilidi(!), Ta-ta-t-at-at-ada-da. Kalla-bam-bam-bam. Kababbalam. Bo-dom, dom- Bo-dom, dom-bom. Ka-dom-bom-bom!», Pål Buset

«...konklusjonen blir at Wolfram ikke bare er en godkjent svenneprøve for et band i starten av 20-årene, men rett og slett en god plate.»

-Jazznytt, Arthur Piene

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Wolfram Trio is:

Halvår Meling - Saxofon

Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson - Bass

Jan Martin Gismervik - Drums

Wolfram Concerts


May 20, 2013

Wolfram Trio plays at the Match & Fuse Festival in Oslo, St. Hanshaugen, June 13th, 20:00.

August 14th - Wolfram Trio + Frode Gjerstad @ Blow...

June 15, 2013

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