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Va Fongool 2014

2014 has been an interesting year with a lot of good music. We’ve been lucky enough to work with six outstanding releases. ICH BIN N!NTENDO, The Jist, Brute Force, KÖök, Lana Trio, and Mummu are artists who dears to explore the difficult world of improvised music, and who does so with excellent talent and determination. We are nothing but proud to be allowed to work with them.

We will release three more albums before summer and the first one out will be available February 6th. More info on this release next week!

Our Soundcloud profile is packed with music from our artists, so if you’re sick of the merry Christmas music it’s a good place to visit! If that’s not enough you can buy CD’s and Vinyl from the Va Fongool Store, or download high quality albums from Subradar.

Happy New Year!


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