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Larsen/Lisle/Webster new album July 30

We are happy to announce the second album from the hard hitting trio Larsen/Lisle/Webster: "Problem Of Absolute Generality" to be released on deluxe 180 gram vinyl LP exclusively and digital platforms. The album was recorded in Soup Studios in 2019 and is the follow up of their first album "Zeal & Perseverance" that received great reviews:

“Zeal and Perseverance captures faithfully the essence of the trio: hard-hitting and dynamic play of pushing and crisscrossing musical borders that visits and reshapes our conceptions of free jazz, rock and noise territories.” -Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

"The trio’s sparring has a punkish, whippet-thin energy, partly due to the lack of double bass, with the aluminium sting of Larsen’s guitar increasing the avant-rock spice in the mix." - weneednoswords

Stay tuned for more info about the release.


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